About the reading plans

Each of our reading plans takes you through part or all of the Bible in a certain period of time (usually a year), but each follows a unique route through Scripture. Below is an overview of each plan. These plans are graciously provided by BacktotheBible.org. and Central Presbyterian Church of Baltimore.

  • Old/New Testament (one year, starts January 1): each day features a reading from both the Old and the New Testaments, so you read through both Testaments together.
  • Chronological (one year, starts January 1): reads through the Bible in the order that its events occurred historically. For example, Job lived sometime after the beginning of creation (Genesis 1) but before Abraham was born (Genesis 12). As a result, the Book of Job is integrated into the Book of Genesis.
  • Beginning (one year, starts January 1): starts at the very beginning of the Bible and reads straight through to the end.
  • Historical (one year, starts January 1): reads through the books of the Bible in the order in which they were written historically, according to the estimated dates of their writing.
  • Read the Gospels in 40 Days (40 days, runs continuously): walks through the entirety of the Gospels—the books Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John—in 40 days. This reading plan covers the full life, ministry, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. It's an excellent reading plan for anyone who wants to learn about the life of Jesus, or who is interested in reading the foundational texts upon which Christianity is built.

In addition to these reading plans, there are more reading plans you can follow. They aren't integrated into this reading plan feature, but you can still read through them yourself online.

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