How Can You Support Bible Gateway?


How Can You Support Bible Gateway?


Thank you for your interest in supporting Bible Gateway! It's both humbling and encouraging to hear that you're interested in contributing to the work we're doing. I believe that what we're doing here at Bible Gateway is vitally important, and it inspires me when people who've used Bible Gateway want to support it as well.

So how, specifically, can you support Bible Gateway? To answer the most common question, Bible Gateway does not accept donations. However, there are several ways you can meaningfully support the ongoing maintenance and growth of Bible Gateway's ministry.

The most direct way you can financially support Bible Gateway is to become a member of Bible Gateway Plus, our service that offers you more than 40 valuable Bible study resources in a banner ad-free environment. Included in the membership are some of the most popular study Bibles in the world. Experience Bible Gateway Plus for yourself with a 30-day free trial.

Another way to support Bible Gateway is to make your Christian product purchases through the Bible Gateway Store, which has an enormous selection of over 500,000 resources of Bibles, books, music, and more at excellent value with strong customer service and everyday discount savings. And all purchases made there support our ongoing work. Our Bible Gateway Deals program highlights a special deal from the store each week—you can sign up to have those deals emailed to you here.

Bible Gateway is also supported by advertising, which means that another way you can support us is by taking note of ads on Bible Gateway (or in our email newsletters) that interest you. We also send periodic offers from our advertising partners to our Partner Offers email list; we encourage you to sign up for that list and support our sponsors—which in turn supports Bible Gateway.

If you or your organization is interested in becoming an advertising sponsor on Bible Gateway, please contact us for more information.

Beyond these avenues of financial support, another way to show your support of Bible Gateway is to simply let your friends know about us! Look us up on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram; tell your friends about the Bible Gateway mobile App; share Bible verses from Bible Gateway on your favorite social network—anything you can do to spread the word about our work and ministry is welcome.

And last, but certainly not least, we always welcome your prayers as we work to make God's Word available to the world in as many translations, versions, and mediums as possible. Knowing that we're in the thoughts and prayers of people like you around the world is greatly encouraging to me and the entire Bible Gateway team.

Thanks again for your interest in supporting Bible Gateway, and if you have questions about any of these, don't hesitate to contact us.


The Bible Gateway Team