Using Bible Gateway on your website

Using On Your Website

Adding a Bible Gateway form to your page

Copy and paste a small bit of HTML into your page and provide your users with a neat Bible Gateway search form.

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Adding the Bible Gateway Ref Tag Tool to your page

Transform all plain-text Scripture references on a webpage into hyperlinks to the appropriate Bible passage from When you hover the mouse pointer over the hyperlinked text, the text of the Bible passage appears in a pop-over window, allowing the visitor to view the passage without leaving the current web page. Inside the pop-over window are links to view the passage on as well.

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Adding the Verse of the Day to your page

You can include the Verse of Day on your page using one of the three options listed below:

HTML code: Copy and paste custom HTML code that will display a dynamically updated verse of the day on your page.
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News Feeds are an XML format designed for sharing headlines and other Web content. The verse of the day is available as a news feed. You can publish this feed on your site using tools available on the web, or simply display it in your news reader.
The News Feed (What is this?)

Web Service: Verse of the Day is available as a free webservice from To use this service, please refer to our tutorial.